Connecting Fiesta

Here, we use our client to connect to Isya server on Fiesta NA (gamigo), Uruga.

Read the FAQs below to answer questions about people being real close together on our client vs the regular client.


Check out how this game and client can look on UE4


This video is a super, super early preview of the development of a new client for Fiesta Online.

This client is connecting directly to official fiesta server files and interacting with it as if you were using the regular client.

We will be added every thing you can do in Fiesta, plus a whole lot that you cant. Stay tuned!


We wanted to work on core gameplay elements first. We use these assets so we can work and visually see what's going on. These are NOT the final graphics at all and will change.

Why does moving seem weird?

This is due to the fact that we are using a real Fiesta Online server and their maps are very small compared to Unreal Engine 4 maps. Once we switch over to using our server later in development, this issue will completely vanish.

Why can't I see 'MaleMage' in the Fiesta video?

Again, this has to do with Fiesta's positioning. Once everyone is using our client, and we switch to our server software, things will be perfect.

Why are the damage numbers different?

As a proof-of-concept, we added artificial damage amounts on the client to test, because the legit Fiesta server does not send them to every client. Again, this will all be changed and be working perfectly later down in development.

When can we play?

We plan on having a playable demo client open to the public in a few weeks. Stay tuned for more information on that.

Is this just a Fiesta copy?

Not really. Techincally, as of now, this is the Fiesta client re-made in Unreal Engine 4. This opens endless possibilities for the game.

What's Next?

Once we develop the client more and more, we will eventually switch servers to use Extrinsic Studio's server software (Ignis) instead of OnsOnSoft's. At that point, we have the source code for the server and the client, which means...this has nothing to do with Fiesta anymore - It's a whole brand new game.

Where do I send Questions/Comments/Concerns?

We would be glad to answer any questions or help with any kind of inquiry you may have. Just email us at [email protected]